Sale mechanical face seals

Meccanotecnica Umbra is a company engaged in the manufacture and sale of frontal mechanical seals for companies operating in different commercial sect... [daha fazla oku]

Sale automotive seals

Among the sectors in which the products of Meccanotecnica Umbra are used there are also those relating to the car industry. For more than 50 years, th... [daha fazla oku]

Pump seals supply

If you are looking for a company that deals with the pumps seals supply, Meccanotecnica Umbra will satisfy your needs. In fact, the company has been m... [daha fazla oku]

Pump mechanical seals

Meccanotecnica Umbra is the world leader in the production and marketing of pump mechanical seals. This result is the consequence of the company’s fir... [daha fazla oku]

Mechanical seals wholesale

If you are looking for a wholesale of mechanical seals, Meccanotecnica Umbra can provide you a wide range of high quality items. Established more than... [daha fazla oku]

Meccanotecnica Umbra Turkey
İkiteli Organize Sanayi Bölgesi Eskoop Sanayi Sitesi C-6 Blok No:292-294
Başakşehir / İSTANBUL
Phone +90 212 671 82 49 / +90 212 671 82 50
Fax +90 212 671 82 48

Sales Office:

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